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Hi all! I'm sylvie, and I've been in the PSP community for about 20 years now. I love making PSP goodies when I have time to, so thank you so much for visiting my blog! I hope you find something you like! Gratitudes & blessings!

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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Cluster Frame - All American Girl ♥

Hi everyone!
Decided to do a cluster frame for ya's using my 'All American Girl' scrap kit.
Hopefully someone can use it!

Just click on the image, right click and save!
(There is a preview for those of you who use my frames for your challenges in forums.)
So that you aren't uploading my frame to your forum, but instead sending them here.
It's below the frame. Thanks for stopping by!

Masks & Wordart: 4th of July ♥

I figured if I posted the All American Girl kit, 
I should probably do the masks and wordart I had started too. 
So, here they are! Just finished them up.
They'll be good for next year, hahaha!

Just click on each of the wordarts below, right click & save!

Click on the masks to make them full size, right click & save!

New Kit - All American Girl ♥

Hi all!
It's called 'All American Girl'..
I have numerous scrap kits I've started and haven't finished, so working on them!
This is my first one, the DAY BEFORE the 4th of July, go figure hahaha..
At least it will be good for next year, unless you tag patriotic tags all year round!

Hope someone can use it!


Thursday, June 27, 2019

Plunder Island Blog Train (Templates & Masks) ♥

Yo Ho Ho!!  Ahoy, mateys!  
Welcome to The Taggers Lounge "Plunder Island" blog train!!  
Come aboard and set sail with us as we plunder for treasures and goodies!  Get started at the Captain's Quarters then follow the other buccaneers around to discover hidden treasure and take all the booty you can find!   Don't be a scallywag - make sure to leave some love when you download, savvy?  

I made you  a template forum set, AND 2 masks!
Click on the masks to make them full size, then right click and save.
Then, click the link below the templates to download them!

New Masks Again! ♥ 024 to 027

Got some MORE masks for you all!
Told ya I have so many unfinished projects, so just getting on them and finishing them up
LOL..Hopefully someone can use them!
(click to make the mask full size, then right click and save)

Monday, June 24, 2019

Bulk downloads & TOU change ♥

Just a quick note that I updated my bulk download links over there to the right.
I don't have enough of the other items yet to bulk them up for ya's , but when I do I'll do the same.
I have so much more to upload for ya's, and plan to finish it all up and upload for you soon!

Also, I've made a change to my TOU ..
You may now use my FTU kits for cluster frames.
Please follow my rules for doing so though, and you no longer need to email for permission.

Thanks for visiting friends.
I appreciate you all so, soooo much.

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I would of course love to see tags made with my templates and scrap bits... You can email me HERE

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