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Thursday, October 27, 2016

New Tutorial - My Love ♥

Hi everyone!
Finally got my tutorial site up and running again.
It's very slowly coming together, a few more tutorials to add yet.

BUT...in the meantime..

I have a new tutorial up called 'My Love'.
You can find the tutorial HERE.

Using the gorgeous scrap kit by PinkParadox Productions called 'Vintage Elegance'

Available for purchase at her store HERE

Also using the adorable art of ©Kajenna available at PicsForDesign HERE.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Template Pack 05 - Naughty Halloween ♥

Hi everyone!! 

I have a new template pack for you - called 'Naughty Halloween' 

Included in the pack are 5 templates, 5 forum set templates and 3 avatars.
Hope ya's like them!
(There are 2 previews!)

Thanks for stopping by ♥
xx, syl.


Sunday, October 16, 2016

Forum Set Templates 16 - Bad-itude ♥

Hi everyone!
New template forum set for you all ♥
It's called BAD-itude hehe
I know many who are badass gals with lots of attitude - so pretty fitting I thought!
You can download these templates at either Mediafire or Dropbox below:


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

CT Tag - Laguna Art ♥

New tag i made using a gorgeous, adorable tube by Laguna called 'York Puppy'.

Comes with lots of layers with varied sizes of the pup, a little house, a boot the pup can sit in and more.  So many variations which gives you lots of tagging possibilities, which i love!

You can purchase this adorable 'York Puppy' tube by Laguna at PicsForDesign HERE.

Also used a stunning cluster frame by Allison's Addictions HERE
She used a beautiful kit by Rieneke Designs, so I used bits and pieces from two Rieneke kits to finish the tag and make it my own - HERE

Thanks for looking everyone ♥
xx, syl

Monday, October 10, 2016

CT Forum Set & Tag - Chichi Designz ♥

Hi everyone !!! 

Just showing off a forum set and tag I made using the beautiful kit by Cindy at Chichi Designz called 'New Beginnings'..

Love the soft pastel colors.  It is a wedding ceremony themed kit, but as you can see by my tags you can go the non wedding route very easily!   So many gorgeous elements and papers for your tagging desires! 

You can find her kit 'New Beginnings' at Chichi Designz HERE

Also for the forum set I used the gorgeous (free to use) art of ©Elena Dudina HERE
And for the tag the always super adorable art of ©Laguna at PicsForDesign HERE

Thank you soooo much for looking everyone!
xx, syl

CT Forum Set - Purple Dreams Scraps ♥

Hi everyone!

New forum set using the gorgeous scrap kit by Purple Dreams Scraps called 'Night Woman'.

Perfect kit for your gothic tagging needs. It is also a great kit to use at this time of year for dark, vampy type tubes for Halloween also.  

You can find this beauty at PicsForDesign by Purple Dreams Scraps HERE

Also used the beautiful art of ©Verymany HERE.

Thanks for looking, 
xx, syl.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

CT 2 Piece Set - Kajenna Art ♥

Hi everyone!

New 2 piece set using an adorable tube by Kajenna Art called 'Autumn'.. 

Such a cutie, comes in various layers so that each piece is removable and the scarf comes in four pretty autumn colors also.. 

You can buy the 'Autumn' tube by Kajenna Art at PicsForDesign HERE.

Also used a combination of lovely scrap kits by Rieneke Designs HERE

Thanks for looking!
xx, syl.

CT 2 piece set - Creative Scraps by Crys ♥

Hi everyone!

New 2 piece forum set made using Crys' kit called 'Midnight Haunting'

ADORE this scrap kit, love the elements! I added the pink (purple? i'm colorblind with certain colors hahaha) bits myself to help match the tube more (just a mask and texture) but all of the bits on the tag are from her kit.

Also used Mask 03 by ME here..

You can purchase her 'Midnight Haunting' kit HERE at Mystical Scraps.

Tube used ©Maryline Cazenave available at CDO HERE

Friday, October 7, 2016

CT Forum Sets - Dees'Sign Depot ♥

Hi everyone!
Just wanted to share a couple of forum sets I made using the gorgeoussssssss collaboration kits between Dees'Sign Depot and Pink Paradox Productions!

The first forum set was made using Dee's portion alone - soooo much great elements and papers between the two kits the possibilities are endless - and so I came up with a second forum set (the second one) using the collaboration of kits..

The collaboration is called Boo-tiful Nights and you can find the kit for sale at Dees'Sign Depot HERE

Also used the gorgeous art of Alex Prihodko, tube 'Witch5' for the first set, available at PicsForDesign HERE.
Used a Vadis tube, called 'Scary Witch and her awful monster' also available at PicsForDesign HERE
Thanks for looking everyone ♥
xx, syl.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

CT Forum Set - Laguna Art ♥

Another new forum set by me!
Using the adorable tube by Laguna called 'Itsy-Bitsy Tiger' -- sooooo cute right ?

It is a multi-layered tube where you can add and remove bits to get a number of variations to tag with, which i love about multi-layered tubes.   So you can tag the tiger by itself, go the Halloween route or use the crown and jewels for something altogether different!

Also, used a combination of scrap kits by Rieneke Designs.

Thanks for looking!

xx, syl.