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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Templates 25, 26 & 27

Hi everyone!!

I have a few new templates for you for Valentine's Day!
Made them for the bash for Creative Misfits, so if you are a member go get your Misfitters!

As per usual, they are uploaded for all though!
So happy to have ya's here with me.


xx, syl

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Template 24 - Be Mine ♥

Hi everyone, 
New Valentine's template for you all!
Called 'Be Mine'..
Also is for the FTT challenge in Creative Misfits this week!


xx, syl 

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Forum Set Templates 18 - Spicy Edge ♥

Hi everyone!

Finally back from being really sick, & really mojoless!
Well, i hope i am no longer mojoless anyway LOL

Maybe i still can't tag, but alas, a new forum set for you all!

It's called 'Spicy Edge'.

Hoping you all had a wonderful holiday season!


Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Template Pack 06 - Semi Good Girl ♥

Hi everyone !!!

Got a new template pack for ya's!

It's called 'Semi Good Girl Christmas Pack
Last year I made the Naughty Pack and thought I should make the Good girl ones this time.
But, for some reason I just couldn't make them 100% good.

I know my friends and fellow PSP'ers way too much I guess.

You can download the pack here: 

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

CT Forum Set & Tutorial - PinkParadox Productions ♥

Hi everyone!

New forum set and tutorial for you all!

I called it 'Holidays' which you can find HERE on my tutorial blog!

I used a gorgeous kit by Carrie from PinkParadox Productions called 'Christmas Love'
So packed full of beautiful elements and papers, it's divine , perfect for all of your Christmas tagging needs!
And the adorable art of ©Kajenna available at PicsForDesign.

Thanks for looking!
xx, syl. ♥

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

CT Forum Set - Kajenna Art ♥

A new forum set using the adorable tube by ©Kajenna called 'Snow'.
Too much cuteness to handle, right ? I know ! 
Adore this lil' snowman. 

Multi-layered tube, comes with the snowman and a human heheh, which gives much tagging possibilities with the various layers and colors.

You can purchase 'Snow' by Kajenna at PicsForDesign HERE.

Also, using the gorgeous collaboration by Dee and Cat (using Cat's portion only) called 'Winter Solstice' available at Dees'Sign Depot HERE.

Thanks for looking!

♥, syl.

CT Tag & TL set - Dees'Sign Depot ♥

New tag and Timeline set made using a gorgeous 'Winter Solstice' collaboration by Dee & Cat!

Woohooooo, gotta love this collaboration.
Also did a forum set using Cat's portion only, but that will be next post!

Packed full of absolute gorgeousness, many elements and papers.
The tag above is using Dee's portion only, and the Timeline is using a combination of the two.

You can purchase this gorgeous collaboration called 'Winter Solstice' at Dees'Sign Depot HERE!

Also using the gorgeous art of ©Misticheskaya, available at PicsForDesign.

Thank you so much for looking!
xx, syl.

Monday, November 21, 2016

CT Forum Set - Laguna Art ♥

Hi everyone!

Again another adorable tube by Laguna i couldn't help playing with asap.

It's called 'Santa Seal Baby' and is available at PicsForDesign HERE.

Multi-layered, so comes with various colors for the hat and suckers, and of course you can remove them and use the tube as is also.

Also, coupled this cutie tube with a combination of kits by Rieneke Designs, available at her store HERE.

Thanks for looking! 
♥ syl.

CT Forum set - Kajenna Art ♥

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to show ya's my new forum set using the ADORABLE tube called 'Snowman' by Kajenna!

Multi-layered tube where you can remove the bits, separate the tubes and even remove the snow if you wish, giving loads of tagging possibilities!

You can find the adorable 'Snowman' tube by Kajenna at PicsForDesign today, HERE.

Also used a beautifulllllllllll scrap kit by Ann of Foxy's Designz, kit available at CDO HERE.

Thank you for looking!
xx, syl.

CT Forum Set - Dees'Sign Depot ♥

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to show a forum set I made using Dee's gorgeous 'Gobble Gobble' scrap kit.

Packed full of fun gobbley elements and papers - perfect for your Thanksgiving tags!

Absolutely love the time and attention Dee spends on details, such a fabulous kit!

You can purchase 'Gobble Gobble' HERE at her store Dees'Sign Depot.
You can also purchase her full bundle (clusters, cluster frames & scrap kit) HERE

Also used the adorable art of ©Kajenna, available at PicsForDesign HERE.

Thanks for looking!

xx, syl.